There is an old haunted house
Looming in my neighborhood.
I pass it in the darkness
Feeling colder than I should.
Bats weave about the gables,
Broken shutters hang astray,
A blue glow from the attic
Should warn folks to keep away.

Those still curious to explore
This grave manse are often told
Of a schoolboy named Tommy,
As foolish as he was bold.
He was last seen one dark eve
On its moldy porch, it’s said.
Now no one knows if Tommy
Is with the quick or the dead.

With wailing from the cellar,
Creeping drapes which should be still,
Green eyes behind a curtain,
A bony hand on the sill,
The haunted house still lurks here,
Its ghosts are cunning and mean.
But for us kids on my block,
Every day is Halloween
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