She said, I hope you don’t mind
spending this time with me tonight,
as we strolled in the cool Maine air
by the harbor in the lamplight.
Mind? I said. There is no place
on earth right now I’d rather be,
while we looked for the best restaurant,
in an autumn breeze from the sea.

We talked and laughed about our hopes,
our fears, our dreams and our lot,
as we ate by the waterfront.
Mind? I thought. I’d prefer this spot
to any garden or palace
anywhere in the Milky Way.
Mind? If only I could save this
moment forever and a day.

Then all too soon, a goodbye hug,
standing in leaves by the dorm door.
Mind? I will treasure my time with
her, even when time is no more.
Yes, I thought, on the hundred mile
drive home through the New England night,
when life fades and flesh turns to dust,
in her smile my soul will delight.

For a daughter at college
M and M Arts
20 Red Oak Lane
Southbridge MA 01550